Fund Manager Interviews

Fund Manager Interviews

Gina Germano, Goldbridge Capital Partners: “Investors are looking for trusted advisers and long-term constructive relationships, not salesmen delivering pitches”

Gina Germano (pictured), managing partner and head of sub-investment grade at Goldbridge Capital Partners, which launched its first funds this summer, says the specialist credit manager aims to generate consistently strong total returns through a rigorous investment process and fundamental research enabling the investment team to identify value while emphasising capital preservation and hedging market risk. »

Colin McQueen, FOUR Capital Partners: “Clients expect managers to deliver on their objectives and to be kept well informed”

Colin McQueen, head of the European equity team at FOUR Capital Partners, says the firm’s Stable Global strategy, established as a paper portfolio in March and due to be launched this month as a segregated mandate and a Ucits sub-fund, is designed to appeal to investors seeking attractive real returns combined with significantly lower volatility than the equity market as a whole.  »

Doug Bitcon, Rasmala: “Sukuk benefit from an expanding investment universe, improved secondary market liquidity and strong institutional and retail demand”

Doug Bitcon, head of fixed income funds and portfolios at Dubai-based investment manager Rasmala, says the new Global Sukuk Fund he manages is benefiting from a change in attitude on the part of investors, who in the wake of the financial crisis are attracted to sukuk as generally defensive instruments that provide predictable income streams as well as potential for capital growth. »

Andrew Main, Stratton Street Capital: “What you do not invest in defines your performance as much as what you do invest in”

Andrew Main (pictured), managing partner of fixed-income specialist Stratton Street Capital, whose products under management or advice include the New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond Fund and the Renminbi Bond Fund, says the firm’s combination of a value approach to individual securities with a top-down macro approach to indebtdness is unique in the business. »

David Rawson-Mackenzie, Centurion Fund Managers: “Structured longevity is a viable option for investors wishing to reduce volatility, manage risk and increase diversification”

David Rawson-Mackenzie (pictured), founder of longevity investment product specialist Centurion Fund Managers, says the launch of the Centurion Global Population Index Structured Note was prompted by research indicating that many investors needed to generate income from their portfolios, wanted long-term investments with low market correlation, and identified preserving wealth as their main aim. »

Nicolas Clavel, Scipion Capital: “We expect alternative sources of trade finance to expand and secure the market share vacated by European banks”

Nicolas Clavel (pictured), chief investment officer of Scipion Capital and manager of the Scipion African Opportunities Fund, sees increased interest in the firm’s Commodity Trade Finance sub-fund as a wider range of investors look to the strategy in search of absolute returns and a genuine source of alpha. »

Najy Nasser, Headstart Advisers – “Despite the negatives, the financial crisis brought a number of positives for our business and the hedge fund industry in general”

Najy N Nasser, chief investment officer of Headstart Advisers, manager of the Headstart Fund of Funds, argues that after a difficult three years for fundraising, those funds of hedge funds that have survived and differentiated themselves with strong performance will start to raise assets as investors look to increase exposure to hedge funds, driven by the need for diversification and a more challenging market environment for traditional assets. »

Piers Denne, Future Capital Partners: “In the current climate investors and advisers are looking for innovative investments with high returns while limiting potential risk”

Piers Denne (pictured), head of sales and marketing at UK alternative investment boutique Future Capital Partners, which specialises in renewable energy as well as in real estate, healthcare, and media and entertainment, sees public initiatives to counter climate change as an important driver of growth and investment returns in renewable energy and related sectors over the coming years. »

Sonia Schulenburg, Level E Capital: “In this environment any product must be extremely competitive, whether through record and return profile, or the fund’s investment premise”

Sonia Schulenburg, founder and chief executive of Level E Capital, says the firm, which has just launched the Maya Market Neutral Fund, draws on the use of artificial intelligence techniques to model price behaviour, find and exploit market inefficiencies, offering investors highly liquid strategies and complete transparency. »

Alex Krainer, Altana Wealth: “Our portfolio holds about two-thirds of risk exposure in commodity markets with tremendous upside potential in an inflationary environment”

Alex Krainer, portfolio manager for the newly-launched Altana Inflation Trends Fund, says the fund was created to meet the challenge of an ongoing global economic crisis and a debt overhang in most of the world’s advanced economies that will have to be resolved through either deflationary deleveraging or high inflation – each of which should lead to significant asset prices readjustments. »

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