Oxford Capital and Pi Capital announce strategic partnership

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Oxford Capital and Pi Capital have announced a strategic partnership which they say will enable entrepreneurs to access 'smart capital', money and expertise to support the growth of their businesses.

The firms say that at a time when fundraising is particularly difficult, UK entrepreneurs will benefit from capital and intellectual knowledge and resources from the partnership. 

Oxford Capital has technological understanding, investment experience and due diligence capabilities, while Pi Capital's members offer further business and financial acumen. 

Ted Mott, founder and chief executive of Oxford Capital (photo), says: 'The UK has enormous potential and resilience and will emerge from the recession fitter and stronger than before.'

David Giampaolo, chief executive of Pi Capital, adds: 'The breadth and depth of expertise and business acumen amongst our members is an extraordinary resource for the SME sector.'

Venture capital firm Oxford Capital was founded in 1999 and an extensive international network of high net worth investors. The firm specialises in commercialising emerging technologies.

Pi Capital was founded in 1998 and manages a network of sophisticated, experienced and knowledgeable individuals from the worlds of finance and commerce many of whom invest in venture opportunities. 

Mott says: 'This combination of capital, expertise and innovation represents a powerful new force behind the re-invigoration of the UK economy. At a time of growing concern about the loss of established industries, whether in the manufacturing or service sectors, all initiatives which help to concentrate talent and resources to underpin economic growth will be welcomed.'