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Exit sign

Adamas sees 28.2 per cent IRR from latest exit

Investment fund Project Innovation has exited from another Chinese credit-finance project with a gross internal rate of return (IRR) of 28.19 per cent.

Project Innovation was structured by the BRJ China Credit Fund Limited and launched last year by ADAM’s Hong Kong-based investment manager Adamas Asset Management (HK) Limited, which invested GBP800,000 in the fund.
ADAM chairman John Croft, says: “In line with the strategic repositioning of the company, we are continuing to plan the orderly disposal of our existing asset portfolio to generate cash for investment in high-yield corporate lending in Greater China, where a large number of opportunities such as Project Innovation exist.  As the company works towards that objective, this latest high-yield exit for the BRJ Fund provides another example of the solid capabilities provided by the award-winning Adamas investment teams in Asia.”

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