ArchOver addresses FCA sector liquidity concerns with Asset Match partnership

ArchOver, a FinTech company offering secured and insured loans to investors, has formed a partnership with online private shares marketplace, Asset Match to provide a secondary marketplace for its loans. 

This is the first time Asset Match has partnered with a crowdlender.

ArchOver’s CEO, Angus Dent, says: “We believe that the loans we offer are the safest on the Internet worldwide; certainly, they are as close to zero risk as we can make them but none of us know when we might need access to money we have saved. Our partnership with Asset Match gives our lenders the potential to liquidate their savings should they need to.”
Iain Baillie, Co-CEO of Asset Match, says: “Providing a hub for the buying and selling of  ArchOver’s loans is an important step in helping the growth of crowdlending as it addresses a main concern of investors and the regulator – illiquidity in the secondary market. The partnership expands our offering into the P2P loan market and fits in well with our vision of developing the pre-eminent liquidity venue for UK Private company shares.”