PE firm Idinvest Partners joins forces with Epic Foundation to combat youth inequality

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Conscious of the ongoing fight against inequality and as part of its commitment to socially responsible investment, Idinvest Partners has decided to support several charitable organisations by working with an intermediary organisation, Epic Foundation.

Idinvest will initially support two specific initiatives through the foundation, and Sport dans la Ville.
Christophe Bavière, CEO of Idinvest, says that: “Idinvest was enormously impressed by the Epic Foundation’s operational model. Modern and transparent, it gives donors complete visibility on the use of their donations and the impact they have. This trusting relationship is critical for all parties involved. It forms the basis for a long-term partnership and the glue necessary to ensure efficient philanthropy”.
The young, New York – based philanthropic start-up is focussed on the new generation of philanthropists and corporate donors. Its goal: be the bridge between NGOs and social enterprises fighting child poverty and youth inequality (in terms of health, education, safety and economic empowerment). The foundation operates in the United States and in Western Europe, as well as in East Africa, India, South-East Asia and Brazil.
“It’s becoming more and more difficult for young people today to reach their potential. This initiative has a real ability to change that. More and more companies are incorporating social responsibility into their business models, and we are delighted to work with Idinvest and share our tools and knowledge free of charge,” says Alexandre Mars, Founder and CEO of Epic Foundation.
Its selection process was designed in cooperation with the world’s largest charitable organisations, focus groups and world-leading experts on philanthropy. From the 1,400 applications from 85 countries in 2015, Founder and CEO Alexandre Mars and his team have chosen its first portfolio of charitable organisations based on a 45 factor, three-stage selection process. provides intensive website and mobile app creation courses, with job creation in mind. It targets under-25 year olds with little to no qualifications from working-class neighbourhoods or rural areas, in addition to women, those looking for a career change, and the elderly, all of whom are underrepresented in the technology sector. The programmes are free and qualifying, or paid and certified. They are open to everyone, provided you bring your motivation with you on the day.

Matthieu Baret, Partner at Idinvest, says: “Digital technologies aren’t just a means of communication. They’re also a real medium for rehabilitation and assimilation. New technologies now play a large part in everybody’s daily lives and have the capacity to help those who are struggling to find their feet again in the job market”.
Founded in 1998, Sport dans la Ville is the premier sport-focused social integration project in France. Its range of programmes helps to socially and professionally integrate 4,000 young adults in 26 sports centres. Through its activities, Sport dans la Ville wants instil confidence in each of its members, and teach its core values for success: commitment, mutual respect, perseverance and hard work.