Ledgex Systems Partners with Allocator

Ledgex Systems, a provider of portfolio and research management solutions for the alternative and institutional investment industries, is partnering with Allocator to provide clients streamlined and standardised access to fund information. 

With Allocator, data is gathered from more than 3,700 funds and standardised so investors have a defined process to access real time information in a relevant format.

Through this partnership, Ledgex clients can directly pipe Allocator’s data, collected directly from hedge fund and private equity fund managers, into the Ledgex platform. The value of Allocator’s data is magnified by the powerful research management and portfolio management capabilities of the Ledgex Platform, which enhance investment analysis and decision making. The linkage of these two platforms also simplifies and replaces manual and inconsistent legacy data collection and management processes.

“Ledgex Systems is focused on providing clients a comprehensive portfolio and research management platform that provides structure to processes and data while enhancing investment operations. By teaming with Allocator we are addressing the common challenge of data collection and management that can hinder our clients’ performance and long-term success,” says Jaime Bean (pictured), Managing Director of Ledgex Systems.

The Ledgex Platform was designed and built to provide multi-fund managers the ability to systematically manage their portfolios, perform complex analytics and provide robust reporting, both internal and external to the firm. Ledgex delivers solutions for: Portfolio Management, Research Management, Liquidity Management, Investor and Client Relations and Due Diligence.

“Allocator, together with Ledgex, provides investors with a seamless one-stop solution to managing the data on their fund investments and analysing it,” says David Tawil, Co-Founder of Allocator.

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