Doug MacDonald, CIBC

CIBC Asset Management launches CIBC Long-Term Private Debt Pool for institutional investors

CIBC Asset Management has launched the CIBC Long-Term Private Debt Pool, a product for institutional investors focused on unrated private securities in the infrastructure and power sectors.

The pool was designed for investors seeking contracted cash flows that align with their liabilities and offers the potential for an enhanced yield without incremental credit risk.
"Institutional investors continue to search for ways to enhance their fixed income portfolios," says Doug MacDonald (pictured), Managing Director & Head, Institutional Asset Management, CIBC Asset Management. "Infrastructure investing is about seeking stable returns through contracted cash flows while minimising management and operational risk. These cash flows can help institutions invest their assets to better match long-term liabilities." 
CIBC Asset Management has a robust, well-established credit research process, which has shown resilience through market cycles. By leveraging the firm's long-term relationships with participants in the private debt space, CIBC Asset Management clients gain access to this unique market and benefit from fixed income investments with improved risk-adjusted terms and conditions.
"By focusing on unrated infrastructure and power private securities, we believe that our approach to private debt best addresses the needs of institutional clients," says MacDonald.

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