Summa Equity joins UN SDG impact initiative

Summa Equity has committed to the United Nations’ SDG Impact initiative together with Business for Peace, EQT and LGT. 

This UNDP-led initiative aims to enable private sector investment by providing investors and businesses with the clarity, insights, and tools to support their contributions toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Nordic Springboard, of the UNDP SDG Impact Initiative, will be launched at the Business for Peace Summit in Oslo today to rally top-investment firms in the Nordic region to join the initiative. 
“We are proud to be part of the global SDG Impact initiative, the Nordic Springboard and challenge the whole private equity community to join and invest in line with the SDGs,” says Anna Ryott, Chair of the Board, Summa Equity and SDG Impact Steering Committee member. 

Ryott has joined the SDG Impact Steering Group with global leaders of development, investment and industry, who will validate and confirm the work of the SDG Impact platform, and thus, the global effort to authenticate SDG enabling investments. 
The SDG Impact springboard event in Oslo will gather Nordic investor support and build momentum to an upcoming global event in Stockholm.
“Summa Equity was amongst the first private equity firms to commit to the SDGs, aligning our investment and value creation strategy with the SDG framework,” says Reynir Indahl, Managing Partner of Summa Equity. “We believe our biggest challenges are also our most attractive investment opportunities. By incorporating solutions to environmental, social and governance challenges, companies will show stronger growth and returns, while having lower risk. They are more future-proof.” 
Ryott and Indahl will speak at the Nordic Springboard about why Summa Equity supports the SDG Impact initiative. 

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