What’s the key to successful co-investing?

In this week’s newsletter, Liz Pfeuti provides a second instalment on the mechanics of co-investing, in which she explains how to avoid some of the common pitfalls. One key aspect, as Liz touches on, is to define all the rules and governance issues at the pre-deal stage. 

On the fundraising side, two more multi-billion funds have come to market: Alcentra’s European direct lending strategy raised EUR5.5 billion, while CVC announced it had closed its Strategic Opportunities II Fund with EUR4.9 billion. This week, we also profile how to fund raise in the United Arab Emirates, with insights from TMF Group. 

In other news, we reveal how venture capital performance shone in 2018. According to eFront’s latest quarterly PE Performance report, 2018 was the best ever year for VC performance, with high returns associated with low risk and shorter time-to-liquidity.   

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