CEPRES launches new platform revolutionising private capital markets

CEPRES, a provider of investment analytics & data solutions for Private Equity, is redefining the future of Private Capital Markets with the launch of the new CEPRES Digital Investment Platform. 

The CEPRES platform builds on the award winning PE.Analyzer system with new extended support for Buyouts, Venture, Private Credit, Real Estate, Infrastructure and more.

CEPRES addresses the full spectrum of Private Market participants – Asset Servicers, Consultants, Fund of Funds, Advisors, Placement Agents and more, in addition to the traditional LP and GP professionals. Now, and for the first time, all these market participants can co-exist and work together in a single, secure online environment. Through CEPRES they can now process and securely exchange all their investment data and content in the same interactive, multimedia, digital platform.

A sleek, intuitive user interface guides professionals through fund raising to due diligence, portfolio monitoring to risk management, market benchmarking to deal comps and more. CEPRES delivers all the tools and information needed for a modern participant in Private Markets, all in one integrated platform. Each user can configure their environment to meet their unique needs with an easy drag ’n’ drop interface. Professionals can now combine relevant investment data with PDF content such as presentations, pitch decks, quarterly reports and more. Add to this inline Excel and Video content to tell your complete story and then securely share with your colleagues and clients to optimise investment and capital outcomes. 

Other highlights include the most advanced time-series analysis of NAV, Revenues and other fundamentals of PE-backed companies; a Digital Knowledge Hub where CEPRES and Partners publish the latest market research, white papers and video briefings to keep you up to date on latest market developments and the Digital Data Hub where you control all your data and securely exchange with your investment counterparties; and much more.

Dr Daniel Schmidt, Founder and CEO, says: “CEPRES gained prominence as the first provider of primary-sourced data exchange, from fund level down to portfolio company level. With the new CEPRES Platform, we now deliver solutions to a full range of market participants with growing data demands. I see the Digital Data Hub at the heart of the industry, connecting users and delivering the data they need themselves and to service their clients. Through CEPRES we are making investment professionals out of every user, and making experienced professionals even stronger.”

Christopher Godfrey, Chief Innovation Officer, adds: “Our investment in innovative technology is redefining the future of private markets. With our new platform, users are no longer limited to single products, but by partnering across the industry users gain access to a broader array of products and can even create their own solutions in real time. No longer do companies have to spend enormous amounts of time and budgets on complex customisations and implementations, but can now achieve their goals in days and weeks, rather than months and years!”

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