Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund reaches GBP100m NAV after just seven months

The Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) has reached a Net Asset Value of GBP100 million in just seven months following launch in June 2019.

The Fund has consistently outperformed its objective of UK CPI +3 per cent over the medium term, through its strategy of investing in renewable energy and infrastructure asset-owning companies. Total return to 31 December 2019 was 14.75 per cent, with a maximum drawdown of just 4.19 per cent since inception, materially lower than Global Equities, Infrastructure indices and other Global Listed Infrastructure Funds.

Foresight’s two OEICs are managed by the award-winning Foresight Capital Management team. GRIF invests into the publicly traded shares of companies that own or operate real infrastructure and renewable energy assets globally. FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund (“FIIF”) focuses on renewable energy and infrastructure investment companies in the UK.
Following on from the success of FIIF, which has raised over GBP450 million, GRIF was launched earlier in 2019 to attract investors seeking stable and predictable returns with the benefit of diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns from a global portfolio.
Contributing factors to the Fund’s appeal include the significant under-investment in infrastructure in developed markets over the past few decades, and a pivot away from traditional diversifying asset classes such as fixed income and bricks and mortar property.
Nick Scullion, Head of Foresight Capital Management, says: “Achieving such a significant milestone within seven months of the Fund’s launch is evidence of continued strong demand amongst investors for global infrastructure, and testament to the team’s track record of providing benchmark-exceeding returns. We expect our diverse investor base to continue growing in 2020, as global real infrastructure remains attractive against a backdrop of political tensions and slowing global growth.
“The Fund is well placed to serve those investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and generate returns as negative yields remain in many geographies.”