Alpha appoints Head of Support in London office

Alpha Terminal, a market data platform for Investment Professionals, has recently appointed Paul Hall as Head of Support at its London office. 

Having joined the company in 2013, Hall has over six years’ experience as a Customer & Technical Support Advisor and Support Manager. Client favourite and technical analysis & charting guru Richard Chiesa moves to a new role within the Alpha development team.

Hall says: “Our clients love the one-to-one support and training we offer with Alpha. Being able to call and speak to someone quickly who not only understands the product but is also knowledgeable about investment analysis just makes their work life easier. I’m proud to take over the team and am excited to build on our support proposition going forward including the roll out of our new APAC programme.”

The new Alpha APAC programme consists of regular proactive calls to new users to check on how they are getting on with the software. Service & Support technician, Kira Caldwell who spends much of her week training clients at their premises explains more. 

“As with the majority of our new service and product developments at Alpha, APAC was inspired by listening to our clients. We found many new users were picking up the basics quickly and then being too busy to ask for a follow-up session in order to recall all the extra useful shortcuts and features that would make things even easier for them on a day-to-day basis. The programme has been a great success so far and our clients are really appreciating this free addition to the service they receive from us."

Previous Head of Support Richard’s move to Development may have surprised a few clients but Hall explains how this will actually see even more benefits for Alpha users.

“Richard’s knowledge is vital for the company and his new role will ensure the future developments of Alpha Terminal have their clients’ requirements at their core. Richard will be sitting within the Development team for the most part but also maintaining his direct link to client needs by sitting with the Alpha support team for the first crucial hour of the each day.”

Alpha Terminal anticipates a hugely positive impact on its client base following this revamp of the team through even deeper client-led product design whilst maintaining its market leading client experience and support.