Astarte Capital Partners closes fundraise and allocates percentage of profits to Beyond Capital

Astarte Capital Partners, a specialist co-investment platform focusing on the real assets space, has closed its current fundraise and is contributing a percentage of its profits to Beyond Capital’s impact investment efforts.

Beyond Capital Fund is a nonprofit fund that invests in companies to help improve the lives of people living below the poverty line in East Africa and India, 

“When we launched Beyond Capital 11 years ago, we envisioned this exact arrangement with an aligned stakeholder,” said Eva Yazhari, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Capital. “Astarte Capital Partners is that most ideal collaborator — an institutional donor that believes in and extends our partnership beyond established parameters and exceeds expectations in new and exciting ways.”
Astarte Capital Partners’ business model is to provide institutional capital access to non-traditional real asset strategies. Its collaboration with an impact investment fund such as Beyond Capital is a strategic and meaningful way for the organisation to incorporate social enterprises into its investment portfolio.
“Allocating part of the profits of our latest fundraise to benefit Beyond Capital was an effort our entire organisation supported from the very beginning of our partnership,” stated Astarte Capital Partners Managing Partner Dr Stavros Siokos. “We believe that this is an innovative way to support a great team that is making a difference in so many lives where it is needed most.” 
“What Astarte Capital Partners is accomplishing in the co-investment space is truly remarkable and aligns perfectly with the values that Beyond Capital was founded upon,” says Yazhari. “The organisation’s experienced and diverse team includes a female Co-Founder, Teresa Farmaki, who exemplifies the importance of female leadership that our impact investment fund looks to foster in all of our partners.”