US Election 2020: How Six Lambda helps asset managers address political contribution risk

US Presidential election


With the US presidential election campaign rapidly gathering pace, the issue of political contributions – and the potential for conflicts of interest – has become a major issue on fund managers’ compliance radars.

Launched in 2018 by a team of former investment management professionals, Six Lambda offers a political contribution monitoring tool for compliance teams, examining federal, state and local contribution data to help firms avoid pay-to-play rule violations and offering daily updates of employees’ contribution activity. Its current client base includes private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual fund companies and banks totaling more than USD600 billion in assets under management.

Six Lambda’s founder and CEO Jon Liggett - who began his investment career at Bear Stearns before becoming a rates and currencies portfolio manager at emerging market macro hedge fund Pharo Management, later joining Philadelphia-based multi-family office JL Squared Group – explains how the firm’s product offering helps asset managers tackle this increasingly critical issue.

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