Cache Ventures launches tech fund and acquires LeadOwl

Cache Ventures has partnered with 360 Family Office to launch a private equity fund, kicking things off with its first acquisition, LeadOwl.

Since 2013, Cache has been entirely self-funded. Founders Sean Heilweil and Jarrett Lusso began by building and launching Exit Monitor, which was acquired in August 2016 by Kaleidoscope Global. Their experience building, growing, and exiting the company inspired them to embark on a non-traditional route. As a venture studio, Cache set its sights on building an organisation that aimed to repeatedly build new ideas. Thanks to existing infrastructure and resources, Cache Ventures has been able to increase its chances of success, as well as optimise for its ideation and the growth of new companies.

The launch of this partnership allows Cache Ventures to expand its reach, accelerate growth, and move at a faster pace than before. 

Chief Investment Officer and General Counsel of 360 Family Office Raymond Lang says: "We're excited to be a strategic investor and partner with Cache Ventures in the launching of the Cache Tech Fund. We see an incredible opportunity to create a marketplace of innovative e-commerce technology which is accelerating as the business world changes around us. We look forward to sharing our extensive business experience and financing resources."

Co-founder and CEO of Cache Ventures Sean Heilweil says: "We have a history of scaling SaaS companies from zero to seven figures very quickly. With the launch of the fund, we'll no longer be starting from zero. By infusing capital and adding our existing infrastructure, we will enable portfolio companies to realise their full potential while continuing to scale their revenue profitably. I'm excited to partner with Ray and the family office and begin this next chapter in our journey."

In addition to launching the fund, Cache is proud to announce it has acquired sales and lead generation tool LeadOwl. Cache is partnering with the existing LeadOwl management team to help expand product capabilities, fuel sales growth, and build upon LeadOwl's market leadership position in the rapidly growing, USD100 billion B2B lead generation market. 

With today's shift to the internet, more and more customers are going online first. Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike need better technology to meet customers and drive sales. LeadOwl sets a standard for generating leads while harnessing the ability to connect to any website or sales funnel and follow up with prospects, instantly.

"The partnership with Cache Ventures will bring LeadOwl to new heights. They have the track record, experience, and resources to build and scale this product," says Kitty Kellman, co-founder and CEO of LeadOwl. "Together, as we grow LeadOwl, our users and their results will always be our priority. I look forward to the future, and being highly successful in this venture together."

"Kitty is a great example of a smart and highly capable entrepreneur that created a solution to solve a problem she was dealing with daily," says Jarrett Lusso, co-founder and CTO of Cache Ventures.

"We're excited to partner with Kitty and the rest of the LeadOwl team to continue building a market-leading tool in the lead-gen space," adds Heilweil.

FE International served as an advisor to LeadOwl in the transaction.