Hamilton Lane implements Canoe solutions for alt investment operations

Hamilton Lane Collaborate to Bring New Efficiencies to Alternative Investment Operations

Private markets investment management firm Hamilton Lane as implemented Canoe Intelligence (Canoe) solutions as a step in its efforts to further streamline internal processes. 

Canoe is a financial technology company focused on automating and improving alternative investment operations for institutional investors, capital allocators and asset servicing firms,

Hamilton Lane invested in Canoe’s series A funding round in February of 2020, and is now collaborating with the firm to unlock new efficiencies in alternative investment processes; including data collection, accounting, investment tracking, portfolio management, reporting and more. Hamilton Lane will be deploying Canoe’s technology to automate data management tasks and accelerate access to new elements within alternative investment reports at-scale.

“Canoe is singularly focused on solving the unique data challenges faced by alternative investors and allocators with highly-specialised technology solutions,” says Seth Brotman, CEO of Canoe. “We’re incredibly grateful for Hamilton Lane’s ongoing support and collaboration, and we look forward to working together with the goal of streamlining more operational processes.”

With the ability to rapidly convert volumes of unstructured alternative investment reporting documents into normalised, accessible datasets and track and organise associated documents, Canoe’s technology seeks to maximise the value of data and create more time for users to focus on investment decision-making.

“Hamilton Lane remains committed to using technology innovations to enhance how it manages and consumes data,” says Griffith Norville, Managing Director, Strategic Technology at Hamilton Lane. “As both an investor and user of Canoe’s technology, we believe Canoe is a strong partner to enhance our mission of delivering results and solutions to our clients.”

The Canoe platform is powered by a blend of proprietary and open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Canoe’s technologies allow clients to reliably extract relevant data from complex PDFs and form a growing, shared intelligence of data extraction patterns that can be leveraged by all clients. Its data management engine ingests, extracts and normalises data for ancillary systems, such as reporting, analysis and accounting, and remains a constant should any of those downstream systems change.