Red Door Capital Partners opens private equity doors for independent investors

Red Door Capital Partners, an independent private equity firm founded in 2019 with the mission to allow real, break-through access for independent investors to the lucrative private equity market, is to begin rolling out investment opportunities to a vast network of individual accredited investors.

Red Door secures partnerships with company founders seeking to build collaborative relationships, deploy strategic oversight, and implement investing governance for private funding projects. In many instances, Red Door will pre-position funds to monitor operations prior to its permanent financing, which helps to reduce investor risk and shorten exit horizons. Red Door is often able to invest side-by-side with institutional funds and family offices where negotiated terms and safeguards are typically only provided to institutional investors.

"We're here to help reduce investor risk, shorten the investment time horizon, and ensure our family of investors are protected while significant exit value is built through deals that are typically closed to the independent investor," says Richard Wolpow, a 20-plus year entrepreneur, experienced large-fund angel investor, and managing partner at Red Door Capital Partners.

Wolpow recruited a star management team of experts from private equity, operations, investments, wealth management, and legal services to help Red Door identify, create, and manage funding opportunities in smart alternative markets such as education, health care, and technology.

"Having compassion for the entrepreneur is one important success factor for small-cap investing and I wanted Red Door to have a solid team of like-minded individuals," adds Wolpow.

According to Wolpow, Red Door's pipeline is busy, and the company is preparing to announce its first product offering. "The COVID-19 epidemic has produced several 'New Norm' opportunities for Red Door and our first deal will offer an exciting opportunity to invest in a software product well-positioned for today's market conditions," says Wolpow.