Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund outperforms all competing indices over 12 months

Foresight Group's Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) has surpassed its target performance of UK CPI +3 per cent over 12 months, with a total return 18.51 per cent.

The Fund has provided a yield of 4.12 per cent over 12 months exhibiting significantly lower volatility levels than higher risk asset classes such as high-yield debt.

The Fund has consistently outperformed the Global Equities and Infrastructure indices as well as other Global Listed Infrastructure Funds, with the FTSE All World Index returning 7.13 per cent over the same period, whilst Year to Date, in the most challenging of market conditions, the Fund has demonstrated robust resilience generating positive returns of 3.28 per cent against the negative performance of FTSE All World (down 7.72 per cent) and FTSE All Share (down 15.99 per cent).
The resilience of GRIF’s dividends stems from its exposure to investments containing critical infrastructure vital to the continued functioning of society, even in lockdown conditions.
With up to 52 per cent of UK equity dividend payouts forecasted to be cancelled in 2020 as companies feel the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, real infrastructure funds represent an alternative for investors seeking higher income that is materially protected against reduced demand, changes in consumer behaviour and supply chain issues.
Foresight’s two OEIC funds are managed by the award-winning Foresight Capital Management team (FCM). GRIF invests into the publicly traded shares of companies that own or operate real infrastructure and renewable energy assets globally. FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund (FIIF) focuses on renewable energy and infrastructure investment companies in the UK. There is continued demand for Foresight’s OEIC funds, with combined net inflows of GBP85m so far in 2020.
Nick Scullion, Head of Foresight Capital Management, says: “GRIF has had a highly successful first year, delivering target-beating returns that underline our ability to identify and invest in resilient, world-class real infrastructure assets. The Fund has amply demonstrated its ability to serve those investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate returns uncorrelated with volatile global equity markets.

“Against a backdrop of lower dividend payouts and turbulent equity performance, we expect investor demand for secure, income generating investments in infrastructure to continue throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.”