Inflexion supports Alcumus expansion in UK and North America

Inflexion has supported the expansion of its portfolio company Alcumus via two acquisitions in the UK and North America. 

Alcumus is the UK’s leading provider of risk management solutions, supporting blue chip UK and international clients with a wide range of risk management services. 

The acquisitions of Banyard Solutions in the UK and ContractorCheck in North America are highly complementary to Alcumus’ already well-established portfolio of software-led risk management solutions and expand the company’s footprint in both territories. 

Banyard Solutions is the UK’s first and leading web-based permit-to-work software system, serving over 60 blue chip companies in the UK. Based in Toronto, ContractorCheck is a specialist company providing health and safety pre-qualification and contractor management tools, working with companies across Canada to maintain compliance and reduce risk. 

Inflexion has supported Alcumus to achieve strong organic growth and expansion through acquisitions both in the UK and internationally since its investment in 2015. The first such acquisition was of UK-based Santia and was completed just nine weeks after Inflexion’s original investment. More recently, Inflexion has supported Alcumus’ expansion into North America with the acquisition of Canada-based eCompliance in 2019. 

Alyn Franklin, Chief Executive Officer, Alcumus, says: “These two new acquisitions will help to support our growth ambitions, drive improved business performance and expand our range of risk management solutions to enable us to better support our clients. It is a real testament to the strength and resilience of Alcumus that we are able to make these acquisitions in such uncertain times.” 

Simon Turner, Managing Partner, Inflexion, adds: “We are pleased to be supporting the ongoing growth of Alcumus in both the UK and internationally. The ambitions and resilience of the team have enabled the business to innovate to succeed in the current environment. This makes Alcumus well placed to build further on its strong track record of delivering best-in-class technology-led solutions to customers globally.”