Sestante Capital launches foodtech PE fund

Sestante Capital (Sestante) has launched a new private equity fund, SC Food Innovation Fund.

“We’re excited to bring a unique product to the market and to give investors exposure to a transformative category. This category is fueled by consumers that have a continuing and increasing focus on sustainability, health and freshness,” says Giovanni Pennetta, Managing Partner of Sestante. “During the recent global pandemic, with a large number of contagion hotspots identified in food processing centers, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in consumer adoption of alternative proteins, and we believe this is just the beginning as consumer rapidly recognized the benefits being long term.”

SC Food Innovation Fund will focus on this second-generation FoodTech company, which has been funded in past years to capture the further upside generated by their success and market growth but eliminating the bottom risk of the venture and early stage.

“Sestante Capital has committed itself to Impact and Sustainable Investing. The UN Sustainability Goals represent the forefront layer of impact analysis performed on our target investments. We aim to determine for every opportunity which Sustainability Goals the target fulfils in its mission and how we can help the company to reach new ones,” says Barbaro Levi, Partner and responsible for Impact & Sustainability at Sestante.

SC Food Innovation Fund is a technology-focused fund whose taxonomy focuses on technology-differentiated companies, as opposed to CPG or branded food. The Fund will be a continuation of the technology innovation strategy previously pursued by the management, with a targeted focus on Staple Food Alternatives and Packaging, two themes within FoodTech whose growth is driven by long-term trends and with profound Impact and Sustainability roots. The Fund invests in companies that are resilient in their own right thanks to strong market positions, management and financials and have shown to be true innovators. As a result, investors will gain exposure to a portfolio of robust companies that are able to implement their growth plans while also providing a tangible and measurable impact.