In4Trade launches new indirect spend e-purchasing platform for PE-owned companies

In4Trade has launched a new e-platform aiming to help owners of multiple companies such as private equity funds, family offices and investment funds to leverage their combined indirect purchasing spend. 

By bundling and consolidating their combined indirect purchasing volumes at lower overall cost and higher service levels, In4Trade offers benefits that individual portfolio companies cannot obtain on their own. In4Trade enables the bundling of indirect spend of companies belonging to a singular portfolio owner, as well as the aggregation of the indirect spend of other portfolio owners.

The In4Trade platform is free of charge, does not require software implementation and is easy to use. At the centre of the In4Trade model is a unique collaborative approach allowing portfolio owners and suppliers supported by digital technology to easily connect and work towards the same goals on their indirect purchases.

In4Trade is a disruptive solution and has been designed to bring customers and suppliers together in an easy way, allowing purchasing volumes to scale rapidly. Based on its buying power In4Trade is able to negotiate unique and readily available competitive deals for products and services in an area where potential savings can be significant.