Aquila Capital publishes ESG report for 2019

Hamburg-based alternative investment specialist Aquila Capital, has published its ESG report for 2019 "Investing in a brighter future". 

As a sustainable real asset investor, Aquila Capital aims to make a significant contribution to the European energy transition through its investments. To achieve this goal, Aquila Capital aligns its actions along the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Aquila Capital has been offsetting its carbon emissions since 2006. Since 2008, the company has been investing in renewable energy projects, which achieved a total capacity of 5 gigawatts by the end of 2019. By the end of last year, the wind, hydropower and solar plants in Aquila Capital's portfolio had produced nearly 13 terawatt hours of green energy, which corresponds to the electricity supply of 3.6 million households over a year and a total reduction in CO2 emissions of 4.4 million tonnes.
Roman Rosslenbroich, co-founder and CEO of the Aquila Group, says: "Since Aquila Capital was founded in 2001, sustainability has been an integral part of our values. Combining ecological, social and societal aspects with the economical requirements of our customers is the foundation for our actions and, in our view, the basis for sustainable strategies, as sustainability in the investment process ensures the long-term value, stability and performance of our assets and thus provides attractive opportunities for our investors."
Aquila Capital's sustainability strategy is based on three overarching objectives: to make a significant contribution to achieving the goals of energy system transformation in 2030, to improve environmental protection to create a sustainable future and to empower people to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Aquila Capital recognises the importance of private capital in order to achieve the energy transition and climate protection. This is why Aquila Capital has joined the "Green Recovery Alliance" this year, an initiative launched by Pascal Canfin, Chairman of the European Parliament's Environment Committee, to develop green investment strategies for post-corona reconstruction. As a signatory of the initiative, Aquila Capital is committed to implementing investment strategies that are consistent with the Green Deal's climate commitments.
The focus of Aquila Capital's investment strategy is to create a sustainable and stable portfolio for its investors. Therefore, Aquila Capital considers climate risks and opportunities in all its investment decisions. A dedicated ESG committee not only ensures that ESG aspects are included in the investment analysis and other key decision-making processes, but also that sustainable and ethical thinking is being further established within the group.
In order to fulfil its social responsibility and further develop its contribution to a sustainable society, Aquila Capital has recently launched a new research award for scientific work on the decarbonisation of Europe.