Video Q&A with Iron Pillar partner Mohanjit Jolly

Mohanjit Jolly, Iron Pillar

Iron Pillar, a VC firm focused on investing in Indian high growth tech companies, recently onboarded Cyrus Wadia, head of sustainability at Amazon, to guide its companies on sustainability.

Wadia is the former chief sustainability officer at Nike and part of the scientific advisory group in the Obama administration. He is also part of the team behind the recent USD2billion clean energy fund announced by Jeff Bezos. 

In this interview with Iron Pillar partner Mohanjit Jolly (pictured) we find out more on how ESG is going to drive the firm's vision to build large outcome tech companies from India.

For an extended version on how India is faring in terms of producing unicorns, changes that the VC space is going through currently and what advice Jolly is giving to startups during this time, please listen in to the audio only interview below.