Foresight white paper reveals significant differences in pandemic resilience across infrastructure sub-sectors

A new study published today by Foresight Group (Foresight) into the resilience of infrastructure to global pandemics reveals that renewable energy, telecoms and primary care have proved to be the most pandemic resilient.

The analysis, which examines 23 infrastructure sub-sectors spanning economic and social infrastructure, shows that while infrastructure as an asset-class has proved to be highly pandemic resilient, with many sub-sectors largely immune to the impact, there are substantial differences in the performance of various infrastructure sub-sectors.

Foresight’s white paper “Infrastructure Pandemic Resilience: a true test of infrastructure’s defensive characteristics”, xonsiders the resilience of infrastructure to global pandemics through five investment fundamentals: revenues; costs; financials; political and regulatory environments; and operations. The study was based on a proprietary pandemic resilience framework developed by Foresight, a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager.

Nigel Aitchison, Partner and Head of Infrastructure at Foresight, says: “Infrastructure as an asset class has long been sold on its robust defensive and uncorrelated characteristics. The Covid-19 global pandemic has been the biggest test of its resilience yet. Foresight’s research drills down into the infrastructure sector and reveals substantial differences in the performance of 23 sub-sectors. Diversification across a range of these sub-sectors will be key to limiting the adverse impact of future pandemic threats.”

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