Bedford Row Capital appoints first Head of Social Policy

Bedford Row Capital (BRC), a global non-bank originator, has appointed Professor Kevin Haines as its first Head of Social Policy to lead the development of its ESG offering.

Haines’ role will include setting up internal ESG processes for BRC, developing due diligence processes to identify ESG-compliant firms looking to issue debt securities and to communicate the firm’s approach on ESG to investors.

Professor Haines has a distinguished academic career as a criminologist for over 30 years, leading departments at the University of Swansea and, more recently, the University of Trinidad and Tobago. He has also been involved in high profile projects including with the UK’s former Department for International Development, in reforming the children’s criminal justice system in Romania.
Scott Levy, CEO for BRC, says: “Having Professor Kevin Haines on board is an exciting milestone for BRC. As ESG becomes front of mind for many firms and investors, Kevin will apply his intellectual rigour to the issue to develop leading due diligence processes to help us identify firms to investors that adhere to strict ESG principles and develop our offering at a critical time in the market’s development. Giving smaller firms access to ESG classification is an important step in democratising socially responsible and sustainable investing and will help to draw more attention to an important section of the market which wants to drive positive change.”
Bedford Row Capital specialises in debt issuance across a wide spectrum of asset-backed high yield, green bonds and more recently, short-term, money market certificates and sukuk. Part of Professor Haines role will be to develop a proprietary ESG rating system for these businesses and give investors additional high-yield ESG-compliant investment opportunities in debt capital markets.
Professor Kevin Haines, Head of Social Policy for BRC, says: “Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of ESG, not only as a sustainable and responsible means of investing but as an effective investment, as many ESG funds have demonstrated strong returns despite volatility. I am looking forward to applying my academic skills to an exciting and critically important field.”
Professor Haines will split his time between BRC’s offices in London and Tallinn.