Foreside acquires ICSGroup

Foreside has bolstered its customised, tech-enabled governance, risk management, and compliance offering, for hedge fund, private equity, and other emerging alternative investments managers with the acquisition of Integrated Compliance Solutions Group (ICSGroup).

ICSGroup is a regulatory compliance services firm serving the asset management industry in the US and Africa, with an emphasis on private funds and emerging managers.

Founded in 2008 and based in Hartford, Connecticut, ICSGroup has helped its clients adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards by developing and managing robust compliance programs, effectively managing regulatory issues, and providing operational due diligence to instill confidence in their investors and increase their access to capital.

“When assessing any of the acquisitions we’ve made, quality of client service and industry expertise are top considerations,” says Dave Whitaker, President of Foreside. “ICSGroup fulfils these ideals, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to work alongside them. From a strategic standpoint, this acquisition puts us in a great position, despite the unprecedented times in which we’re operating, to continue executing on our overall growth strategy across client types.”

“We are thrilled to be joining the Foreside family and think we’ve found the perfect partner to accelerate our firm’s technology capabilities to meet the growing needs of our clients, while providing the personalised service they expect,” says Medina K Jett, Founder & President of ICSGroup. “We remain committed to the relationships we’ve built over the last twelve years and believe they will immediately benefit from Foreside’s unparalleled combination of customised, industry leading services delivered through modern regulatory technology platforms.”