EMPEA inaugurates new Asia headquarters in Singapore

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EMPE, the industry association for private capital investment in Africa, Asia, CEE, Latin America and the Middle East, has launched its new Singapore-based Asia headquarters.  

“Private capital flows across borders will continue to expand in the coming years as investors seek opportunities that are scalable, diversified and global,” says EMPEA CEO and Board Member Cate Ambrose. “Environmental sustainability, technology and innovation will drive investment decisions, and EMPEA’s Asia headquarters will be a hub to act on these themes.” 

Asia continues to gain prominence as a global financial center and international destination for private capital investment. The new EMPEA headquarters allows the organisation to effectively represent the leading fund and institutional investors based in Southeast Asia, and to build bridges among investors across global markets with Singapore as a key nexus. 

“MAS welcomes EMPEA’s establishment of its Asia headquarters in Singapore,” says Lim Cheng Khai, Executive Director, Financial Markets Development, MAS. “Singapore is at the heart of Asia’s vibrant and growing private markets ecosystem. With its new Singapore office, EMPEA will be able to develop more targeted research and solutions for Asian managers and investors.” 

EMPEA’s Singapore office builds on the network of investors established by Senior Advisor Steve Okun since 2017. Okun will remain engaged and is joined by Asia Research Director Ethan Koh, who brings over a decade of industry experience including roles at Partners Group and PEI Media. In his position, Koh will lead dedicated Southeast Asia research focused on investment data and market trends and collaborate closely with EMPEA’s Asia Council, which will convene in Singapore annually.  

This newly established footprint also follows the recent addition of two regionally based Board of Director members and reflects the organisation’s growing membership base in Southeast Asia.