McKay Brothers offers ultra low latency private bandwidth between Illinois and Asia

McKay Brothers International (MBI), a specialist in lowest latency wireless telecommunications networks, is now offering private bandwidth between Aurora, Illinois and major exchanges in Asia. 

Wherever possible, the company leverages its wireless expertise in combination with fibre for ultra-low latency circuits. McKay end points in Asia include major trading centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai.  
Tad Beckelman, McKay’s Director of Asia, says: “McKay launched its first network in Asia in 2016, and we have consistently broadened our reach as client demand has grown. All clients can purchase McKay’s ultra low latency networks between the US and Asia – as well as between markets in Asia – on a level playing field.”
McKay has consistently expanded the global reach of its low latency services. The company’s first hybrid wireless/fiber network in Asia – between Tokyo and Singapore – opened in 2016. Since then, McKay added endpoints in Hong Kong, and Shanghai. All of McKay’s lowest latency services are offered to every subscriber on a level playing field basis.