The Prodiel Group and Everwood Capital team up to create DVP Solar

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Investment management company Everwood Capital, through its Fund V, and renewable energy multinational the Prodiel Group, have teamed up to create DVP Solar, a company focusing on developing large-scale photovoltaic projects.  

This new firm, in which each of the two companies holds a 50 per cent stake, has been started with the goal of providing a comprehensive response, throughout the value chain, for international growth of photovoltaic solar power, focusing particularly on the leading European markets and selected Latin American markets.  
DVP Solar Chairman Ángel Haro says: “DVP Solar is backed, on the one hand, by the track record and sector knowledge contributed by an entity such as the Prodiel Group, which provides DVP Solar with its development team, and, on the other hand, by the financial capacity and experience in investments and asset management offered by Everwood Capital.” 
At the current time, the firm comprises over 70 multi-disciplinary professionals, all with proven experience in renewable energy, and is managed at executive level by Eduardo Criado, the CEO of DVP Solar. Criado has a long and successful executive background in the international energy sector.  
“We are strongly committed to making DVP Solar a leading company in developing photovoltaic projects internationally, supported in this venture by an excellent team and the financial resources the company is going to require in this challenge”, states Alfredo Fernández, founding partner of Everwood Capital. DVP Solar has projects in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Colombia and Peru and is currently managing 5 GW in grid-connected photovoltaic energy and a further 2 GW in projects at the initial development stage, with an additional 3 GW in growth expected in the next few years.