Aviva Technology Holding raises USD26.5m in Series A Financing

Aviva Technology Holding has secured USD26.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Dr Sehat Sutardja and Weili Dai (Founders of Marvell Technology Group) and other prominent semiconductor industry investors with participation from SAFE round investors. 

Bringing the total amount raised to over USD33 million, this new round will enable Aviva Links, its subsidiary, to speed product development and expand sales and marketing as the demand for its high-speed data movement solutions continues to accelerate among the world’s leading auto manufacturers.
The multi-trillion automotive industry is undergoing enormous transformation, driven by innovative new technologies that are enabling rapid advancements in autonomous systems, telematics and infotainment. Vehicles will have vast amounts of data moving through them and Aviva is building secured in-vehicle connectivity integrated circuits (IC) solutions that can move this data at multi-gigabit speeds while meeting the performance, power, security and cost requirements of this market.
“The demand for Aviva’s technology is growing rapidly and we are engaged with several global and market-leading customers designing next-generation vehicles,” says David Young, co-founder and CEO of Aviva Links. “In applications such as autonomous driving where data needs to be received and analysed in nano-seconds, speed and accuracy is not only critical, but also life-saving. The Aviva solution addresses this significant market need with a highly integrated circuit solution that finally makes low latency multi-gigabit data sharing in vehicles a reality.”
“High-speed data transfer is clearly going to be at the heart of modern vehicles. Designing the right solution takes multiple levels of engineering experience and vast automotive expertise,” says Kamal Dalmia, co-founder and COO of Aviva Links. “While this has been a significant barrier to entry for other companies, it is where Aviva shines with its management and engineering teams that understand not only integrated circuit design, but also the stringent requirements of the auto market.”

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