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Allegra Capital acquires printing companies from Sandoz Family Foundation

German private equity firm Allegra Capital has acquired two high-end printing companies from the Sandoz Family Foundation in Switzerland. Genoud Entreprise d’arts graphiques and Musumeci, two specialists in graphic arts printing, were purchased by a holding company advised by Munich-based Allegra Capital, which focuses on corporate divestitures in special situations.

Genoud, which was founded in 1957, is a Swiss-based printing company which provides graphic arts in all forms of print media for the Swiss watchmaking and other luxury industries. Musumeci, founded in 1837, specialises in the production of sophisticated art prints, superior photobooks and catalogues and magazines for luxury industries in and outside Europe. Musumeci is now fully owned by Genoud. Genoud and Musumeci together constitute a strong international network serving customers appreciating highest quality. Both companies have gained an international reputation and won awards for their creativity, technical rigour, and innovation.
Business and customer relations will remain unaffected by the change in ownership. Both firms will continue to be managed by their current CEOs, Roldano Marzan at Genoud, who will also assume the role as sole board member, and Michele Biza at Musumeci, in the role as sole director.
“This transaction with the Sandoz Family Foundation demonstrates once again that Allegra Capital is a trustworthy partner for corporates and foundations seeking a better option for their non-core businesses,” says Allegra Capital. “We very much look forward to working with the companies´ management to further the positive development of the companies. This acquisition is also an important step in Allegra Capital´s strategy to grow in Switzerland. The acquisition of corporate subsidiaries in Switzerland across different industries is strategically attractive for Allegra Capital.”

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