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Assetz Capital lends record GBP105m in 2016

UK peer-to-peer (P2P) finance platform Assetz Capital has lent a record GBP105 million to UK businesses in 2016 to date. 

Experiencing increasing growth during the year, including a final quarter when it lent as much as in the whole of 2015, Assetz Capital is now providing secured loans of GBP25 million per month to businesses.
According to independent data tables, the business is now the third largest business P2P platform in the UK.
Aimed at helping British small and medium sized businesses and property developers with their funding requirements, to date GBP191 million has invested through the platform, typically delivering investors gross rates of return between 3.75 per cent and 15 per cent per annum and with over GBP16 million earned to date. 
It is one of only four Defaqto “5 Star” rated P2P platforms.
Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, says: "While there are several P2P platforms out there, we continue to believe that the best model for investors is secured loans backed with tangible assets. Our lending criteria is all about loans being affordable by the business but secured in case of any defaults, meaning our investors are providing funds with both strong returns and comfort.
“While there are sectors that are harder to operate in, we serve good businesses which are unfairly discriminated against purely based on the sector they operate in.
“2016 saw just six loan defaults occur and only one of these is expected to produce a small capital loss. This is a testimony to our internal risk team and business model.” 
Each of the businesses receiving funds through Assetz Capital has provided tangible assets to provide security for P2P investors while mitigating risks. As a result, Assetz Capital has one of the lowest loan default and loss rates in the market and has been trusted by more than 16,000 investors to date.
Law says: "We are delighted with the progress that our team has made this year and look forwards in 2017 to delivering ever higher milestones of lending to UK businesses and levels of interest paid to investors.”

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