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Capzanine Situations Spéciales fund backs French coffee roaster Legal

The Capzanine Situations Spéciales fund is providing financial and strategic support to Legal, the leading independent French coffee roaster.

Affected by a fire in 2016, Legal had to meet medium-term financing needs to finish the modernisation of its industrial tooling and continue its development.

After working in close collaboration with the management and the shareholders to clearly understand Legal’s financial and strategic issues, Capzanine intervened to set up a EUR5.4 million, five-year bond financing in order to enable the company to finalise its investments and support its growth approach.

Capzanine was particularly convinced by the involvement and agility of the shareholder family who has invested at its side to finalise Legal’s growth and performance plan. This financial and strategic support should allow Legal to return to growth and significantly improve its operating profitability by keeping its DNA of local and legitimate company in a dynamic market.

Emmanuel Bonnaud, Managing Partner of Capzanine Situations Spéciales SAS, says: “Legal has demonstrated agility in pursuing its innovations and the acquisition of new customers despite the difficulties. We are convinced of its potential in a growing market. This investment is part of the Capzanine Situations Spéciales fund’s strategy, which is to support healthy companies that are experiencing a mishap such as Legal’s industrial fire.”

Alain Frydman, CEO of Legal, adds: “the support of Capzanine reinforces our ambition to consolidate our growth and our position as a major French brand of coffee, at the service of taste and our customers.”

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