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Due diligence is “careful consideration” and “continued oversight”

PARTNER CONTENT BNY, one of the world’s largest alternative asset servicing firms, was named as the winner of the ‘Custodian Service of the Year’ Category at the 2024 Private Equity Wire European Credit Awards. Elliott Brown, Global Head of Alternatives for Fund Services, outlines some of the challenges and opportunities

Aligning on values: The LP-GP conversation on ESG

June 2024 | ESG’s journey from a tick-box exercise to an all-encompassing lens for investment continues – influenced by shifts in sentiment, regulatory developments, macro-economic turbulence and wider considerations of climate change and social impact. Essential for progress is an alignment of LP and GP priorities and incentives – this

What is the role of ESG in private equity value creation?

Consideration of ESG factors is not new to private equity. While in the past firms predominantly integrated ESG factors from a risk management perspective, ESG is now widely seen for its potential to drive value creation. Danesmead ESG’s Harriet O’Brien discusses three ways integrating ESG into your strategy can create

Are we closer to an impact-driven future?

Impact investing was formulated on the thesis that every investment should have a positive influence, whether on environment or society. The sector boasts more than $1tn in assets as of 2022, according to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), yet its continued branding as a separate asset class is what

Managing complex multi-directional relationships with ease

Firms that use solutions like Intapp DealCloud have an advantage when it comes to executing ESG investment strategies. For one, they provide the advanced analytics and reporting firms need to prioritise investment opportunities based on ESG criteria. By consolidating ESG data in one platform, they allow firms to monitor ESG

The Big Questions: Private credit in 2024 and beyond

May 2024 | It’s the talk of the town, and certain themes crop up in most conversations on private credit: What happens if interest rates drop, or don’t? Can portfolio companies sustain the pressure of higher-for-longer? Does private credit really pose a systemic risk? What strategic pockets of opportunity are

What’s next? A closer look at AI in asset management

May 2024 | There are no signs of the AI buzz abating – leading voices in the alternative asset management space have publicly declared its transformative potential, with tremendous productivity benefits to come. This report takes a closer look at what the real use cases are, how they differ from

Combining the best of human and artificial intelligence to power data possibilities

Private markets-focused software provider Quantium draws on two core domains for its success – an impressive foundation of industry expertise, and next-generation investment management software that sets new best-practice standards for GPs globally. Quantium’s Co-Founder and Partner Jessie Juan (pictured) chats to Private Equity Wire about some of the challenges

Liquid currents: Private market trends towards a flexible future

April 2024 | Private markets undercurrents of late suggest a distinct focus on liquidity, as LP demands for distributions intensify and firms look to buy time and complete turnarounds. This report takes a closer look at the liquidity-focused solutions emerging in private markets, their current value, and the longer-term feasibility


14 November, 2024 – 5:00 pm

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