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How technology is helping to evolve the investor relations role

This Private Equity Wire webinar, produced in conjunction with SS&C Intralinks, addresses a range ion issues including how IR teams are using technology and video conferencing tools to maintain close relationships with their existing LP base; the best practices to consider, as part of LP communication strategies; and IR teams

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Webinar: Managed Account Platforms – The Next Evolution of Hedge Fund Investing

Managed Account Platforms: The Next Evolution of Hedge Fund Investing, webinar sponsored by Gemini Companies, broadcast on 2017-11-29 (164 registrations, 68 industry expert attendees) Where experts in the hedge fund industry will share their views on the history of hedge funds and managed accounts, and why investing through a platform

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Key considerations when performing an ESG materiality assessment

With ESG now becoming a de facto feature of one’s risk management programme, it is becoming increasingly important for asset managers to materially assess their ESG capabilities. But how should they best approach such an exercise? What are the questions they should be asking within their organisation, either to put

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Webinar: Why multi-asset strategies need real-time data systems

In our webinar, learn the secrets of effectively managing and servicing multi-asset strategies. And discover how seamlessly integrated, real-time data systems, predictive analytics and machine-learning tools could help you both process funds efficiently and support in-depth portfolio analysis and risk management.  Panelists include:  Arne Staal – Head of Quantitative Strategies,

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Best practices for managing obligations to your LPs

In this webinar, Private Equity Wire and an array of industry experts will cover the following topics: – What does the current fund obligations landscape look like – identifying key trends, challenges and changes – How are the needs of investors (and regulators) for timely information being met by your

SPACs and strategic exits: Optimisation through mitigation

Talking points: – How can PE firms create, engage, and optimise an opportunity and the ability to achieve a successful outcome? – What are the broad risks associated with SPACs and how can insurance products help? And what are the current key risks – particularly around D&O and cyber-related threats?


28 February, 2024 – 8:30 am

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