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Liberum selects TeleWare for MiFID II compliance solution

Boutique investment bank Liberum Capital, is using TeleWare’s mobile communications recording technology to ensure teams across the bank are compliant with the record keeping requirements of the recently introduced MiFID II legislation as well as the forthcoming GDPR regulation. The revamped version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or MiFID II, is

Nck Bayley, Duff & Pehlps

“The Pareto Principle”

By Nick Bayley (pictured), Duff & Phelps – It’s 3 January 2018. Hallelujah! Christmas has been and gone. The festive cheer over for another year. But there’s one more gift welcoming everyone as they head back to their offices: MiFID II has officially come into effect.  What now you ask?

Nck Bayley, Duff & Pehlps

MiFID II – considerations for non-EU entities

By Nick Bayley (pictured), Duff & Phelps – I was recently in New York advising a large sell-side institution on the potential impact of MiFID II. During that meeting, I was talking through why the legislation was being introduced and reflected that it’s now nearly 10 years since the financial

Peter Head, Cheyne Capital

Cheyne Capital Management selects Red Deer for MiFID II research compliance

Red Deer, a next-generation financial technology company dedicated to enhancing the performance of active investment managers, has announced that alternative investment fund manager Cheyne Capital Management has selected Red Deer’s MiFID II solution to manage its research consumption, valuation and inducement requirements across its investment business, in advance of the

Ring binders

Record, retain, remove, repeat

By George Ralph, RFA – The alternative investment sector at large is well aware of the imminent GDPR and MiFID ii regulations which are coming into effect next year, and about how firms will require some fairly serious system refreshes if they are to comply properly. However, there is one


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