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Creating Values: Behind the ESG revolution in private equity

Creating Values: Behind the ESG revolution in private equity

March 2022 | ESG reporting and risk assessment has been awash with competing standards and third-party providers but GPs and LPs in the private equity industry are slowing aligning on a set of agreed metrics.
The ‘Creating Values: Behind the ESG revolution in private equity’ special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.
By Colin Leopold – The billion-dollar impact fund is now a reality for mainstream private equity houses. Can they stay true to the roots of impact investing and meet the expectations of LPs?
  Q&A with Stephen Ellis and Maya Chorengel, co-managing partners of the Rise funds at TPG – TPG Rise is largest impact fund platform in the world, with around USD13 billion AUM. Its latest fund in the climate space is
With renewable energy asset valuations and new oil and gas investment in question, energy investment is being redefined by electrified transport, hydrogen and energy storage…
A lack of regulatory alignment on ESG disclosure has created a noisy backdrop of third-party standards and metrics so private equity funds are attempting to lead the way instead… For much of the past 10 years, private equity firms have
Venture capital is pouring into sustainable farming and biotech, as supply chains and food sovereignty enter political debate. The potential for impact-linked outcomes here is growing too… Much like the surge of venture capital (VC) in renewable energy and cleantech
  Jean Rogers, the new global head of ESG at Blackstone, will work to oversee strategy and reporting for over 250 portfolio companies. Here, she explains why second order data is the secret sauce…
The past decade has supported the venture capital market generally, but there has been a disproportionate impact on female-founded companies seeking funding…
LPs are becoming increasingly ambitious on their ESG priorities, with all of those not currently invested in ESG funds looking to invest within the next 24 months according to recent figures…

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