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Dubin Clark’s EMPI acquires RacingLine

Private equity firm Dubin Clark’s portfolio company, EMPI, has acquired RacingLine Group (RacingLine). EMPI is a niche market leader in aftermarket automotive parts with a focus on parts for European vehicles, while RacingLine Group is a well-known and fast-growing provider of premium, branded, high-performance parts and software for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles as well as related programs and events. 

The acquisition builds the platform for an unrivalled partnership of specialist automotive brands, collectively Euro Motorparts Group (EMP).
RacingLine was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. It is best known for its Performance Parts and Software division, which was built from the company’s original Volkswagen Racing motorsport program and offers premium, branded, high-performance parts and software for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. RacingLine also includes an Events division, which delivers premium corporate events for the automotive sector, and a Motorsport and Automotive Services division, which manages the FIA Formula 4 Championship in the United Kingdom. RacingLine has a strong reputation for delivering exceptional products and services, which is driven by the deep understanding of all aspects of the automotive sector amongst its team of experienced professionals.
EMP Group’s CEO Peter Guile commented on the transaction, says: “RacingLine is the perfect addition to the EMP family. As an established business with a 50+ year history, EMP Group has the resources that will allow RacingLine to accelerate product innovation and enhance logistics and product fulfilment. The positioning of RacingLine alongside our recent acquisition – 034Motorsport – and the entire EMP family of brands reinforces our mission to fuel enthusiast’s passion – from classic VWs right through to contemporary performance vehicles. It’s a perfect fit that allows the whole to be much more than the individual parts.”
RacingLine’s Managing Director, Sam Roach, adds: “We’re proud of the rapid growth that our company has enjoyed over the past five years. Through this transaction, we can access resources to continue our momentum, and the ‘powerhouse’ partnership with EMPI and 034Motorsport will deliver multiple opportunities to enhance our capabilities to excite and delight our customers. For us, it’s the right step, at the right time, with the right partners.”
Matt Broullire, Vice President at Dubin Clark, says: “We are excited to add the RacingLine team and products to the EMP family. RacingLine’s reputation for delivering exceptional products and services as well as the team’s remarkable level of experience and expertise makes it an excellent fit alongside 034Motorsport at EMP.”

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