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ENVESTORS surpasses GBP100m in investments

Equity investments made through the ENVESTORS investor network have surpassed GBP100 million in value.

To date, ENVESTORS has facilitated investments in 212 companies, with multiple funding rounds resulting in over 810 deals in those businesses. The average investment secured by these companies was around GBP475,000, with investors making an average investment of GBP40,000.
The company that secured the investment that broke ENVESTORS’ GBP100m threshold is CARELINELIVE, a cloud-based management platform for the domiciliary (home care) industry. CARELINELIVE successfully raised GBP330,000, the maximum funding required to support its platform. CARELINELIVE enables a care agency to run their entire business from anywhere, handling electronic rotas, timesheets, electronic call monitoring (visits to customers), payroll and invoices.
Businesses supported through the ENVESTORS network include early stage companies seeking GBP250,000 to GBP10m from sophisticated private investors, family offices, venture capitalists and investment funds. Notable successful fundraisings through the network include Parking Eye, which raised GBP175,000 before being sold to Capita for GBP50m, netting investors a 77x return.
ENVESTORS matches investors and businesses through its ENVESTRY platform, an FCA regulated equity crowdfunding platform. Organisations and networks that match investors and investment opportunities can license the platform to help them to manage their investors and deals.
Licensees also have the opportunity to syndicate as part of the enlarged ENVESTRY™ network of networks. With around 7,000 investors and growing, syndication enables companies to broaden and maintain control of their investor base, while networks can increase their deal flow by offering their investors more targeted investment opportunities.
Oliver Woolley, CEO & Co-Founder of ENVESTORS, says: “We are thrilled to have reached such a significant milestone, having helped hundreds of businesses to find the investment that they need, while providing our investors with numerous attractive investment opportunities. Our ENVESTRY platform greatly simplifies the investment process, giving young companies the tools they need to manage their investor relationships, and providing investors with access to an expanded investment universe. As the platform grows, the benefits to all parties will multiply and we look forward to supporting many more successful investments in promising young businesses.”

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