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Eurazeo raises record EUR5.2bn in 2021

The Eurazeo Group set a new record in 2021 raising funds of EUR5.2 billion from limited partners, up 80 per cent compared to 2020 and +125 per cent compared to the average over the last three years.

The consecutive records set in the past three fiscal years illustrate the successful development by Eurazeo of its asset management activity and reflect the appeal of its investment strategies to major international American, European and Asian investors. In this respect, the Group benefited fully from its global expansion strategy: in 2021, international clients represented around two-thirds of the fundraising, compared to less than one quarter previously.
Out of total fundraising of EUR5.2 billion in during the year, private markets for individual clients collected EUR550 million, around double the amount raised in 2020. 

In private equity, Eurazeo received new commitments of EUR3.1 billion in 2021, up more than 30 per cent compared to 2020.
Growth and Venture fundraising exceeded EUR1.1 billion in 2021 thanks to the Group’s renowned leadership in the Tech industry, with the closing above initial target of one of Growth’s largest funds in Europe (EGF III) at EUR1.6 billion.

Buyout strategies raised EUR1.4 billion over the period, benefiting from the successful launch of the 4th Small Mid Buyout (PME IV) programme and the development of co-investment opportunities in existing programs.

Private Funds Group fundraising surpassed EUR500 million in 2021, notably with the closing of the Secondaries (ISF IV) program above expectations.
In Private Debt, the Group raised around EUR2.0 billion in 2021, roughly four times the 2020 amount.

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