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European Deal Summit 2021




Private Equity Wire European Deal Summit 2021 – How to drive transformational change in 2021

Private Equity Wire’s European Deal Summit will be a one-day event during which leading practitioners will dive into the mechanics of deal making in Europe as they seek to unlock value for their funds and end investors.

Insights on deal making in different sectors, risk management considerations, building synergies with management teams, and how GPs are creatively sourcing deals, will be presented throughout the day, and showcase exactly how PE groups are evolving their deal making methodologies to optimise their long-term success.

This event will be targeted at private equity CEOs, CIOs, their deal teams and analysts, in addition to institutional allocators actively building their PE investment programmes; family offices, pension funds, insurance companies, fund-of-fund managers and global asset management groups running PE advisory services.

DAY 1 – 10 February 2021

10:30 Dedicated Networking Time

10:50 Opening Address

James Williams, Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire

11:00 Panel 1 ~ Value creation in Europe’s technology sector

  • Value creation: How do managers think about value creation? How do they measure it, and what are one or two of the most important metrics they look for in a target technology company?
  • Value protection: Easy to protect value in a benign environment, but how are managers preparing for an inevitable market downturn in the next couple of years?
  • Investor return expectations: Is there a disconnect between GPs and LPs when it comes to return expectations?

11:50 Sponsor Presentation No1 (Proposed topic: How to deal with the growing threat of cyber and technology risks as PE moves into the digital realm)

12:10 Panel 2 ~ Buy and build strategies – unlocking complexity

  • What do managers prioritise when seeking out target companies to act as the platform for accretive growth?
  • Where are the best opportunities in Europe to pursue this strategy – and does it favour mid-market buyout funds more than large/megacap buyout funds?
  • Risk management considerations to avoid management conflicts post-acquisition

13:00 Floor Opens — Dedicated Networking Time

13:20 Panel 3 ~ Creative deal sourcing in a highly valued marketplace

  • How are GPs utilising new technology to seek out target companies?
  • Fresh perspectives: building diversity into deal teams
  • How is digitalisation changing the way that PE groups think about deal making?
  • Can sophisticated data analytics bring simplicity to complex deal considerations?

14:10 Sponsor Presentation No2 (Proposed topic: What does a successful co-investment deal look like? A GP Case Study)

14:30 Floor Opens — Dedicated Networking Time

15:00 Day 1 Concludes

DAY 2 – 11 February 2021

10:30 Dedicated Networking Time

11:00 Panel 4 ~ Role of private debt in deal acquisition

  • Charting the rise of private debt for sponsored deals – what do GPs look for when using private debt partners? How do they assess them?
  • Balancing the debt/equity ratio in acquisitions – what influence have market valuations, and the trend for ever higher entry multiples, had on GPs?   
  • Is too much private debt being used? And what are the risks to GPs agreeing to covenant lite arrangements?

11:50 Sponsor Presentation No1 or Fireside chat – Tactics for executing on successful deals in the healthcare sector

12:10 Panel 5 ~ The growing importance of operating partners in value creation

  • Assessing the growing trend for carve-outs as large corporates sell non-core assets/businesses – where are the value opportunities and what are the traps to avoid?
  • How are CIOs measuring the impact of their operating partners and do they think more diversity is needed?
  • What new tactics/strategies are PE groups using to build their operating partner networks?
  • Where do operating partners see value creation opportunities in Europe’s marketplace – views from an Operating Partner

13:00 Sponsor Presentation No2

13:20 Panel 6 – What does the European buyout landscape look like for the next 12 months?

  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit presented new opportunities for buyout funds?
  • What key metrics do CIOs look at when determining entry points and building out 100-day business plans?

14:10 Closing Address

  • James Williams, Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire

14:15 Floor Opens — Dedicated Networking Time

15:00 Event Concludes