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Private Equity Wire’s 2020 European Operational Summit will be a one-day event during which leading practitioners will debate a range of operational issues facing GPs in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Private equity groups, spanning small and emerging managers through to large established global managers, will share their views on how they think about the operational challenges facing the asset class. How are they evolving their businesses by embracing new technologies, and what operational levers are available for GPs to pull, to build long-term value in their portfolios?


This event will be targeted at private equity COOs, CFOs and CIOs, and institutional allocators actively building their PE investment programmes; family offices, pension funds, insurance companies and fund-of-fund managers, as well as global asset management groups running PE advisory services.

Event Agenda
Agenda Items
Registration & Coffee
Opening Address
Panel Discussion: Succession Planning
  • As PE groups adjust to generational change and think about succession planning, what are the key considerations before selling GP equity stakes?
  • How should COOs/CFOs determine carry interest rights for newly appointed partners, to prevent talent leakage?
  • Operational aspects of liquidating GP stakes to increase GP commitments to new funds – what are the pros and cons?
  • Selling GP stakes to institutional investors (Blackstone, Dyal Capital, GS) – what should COOs be mindful of, to avoid potential conflicts?
Panel Discussion: Technology impact
  • How are technology advances helping improve COOs/CFOs monitor the performance of portfolio companies, both at the pre-deal stage and during the life of the investment?
  • In what ways is technology helping speed up deal origination and help identify new target opportunities?
  • What potential do COOs see in new technology tools (analytic tools, reporting tools) to improve compliance and data security in their own firms, and in their underlying portfolio companies?
  • How might blockchain tools help COOs verify asset valuations, improve cash flow management, waterfall distributions?
Keynote Presentation:
  • how to work with management teams and operating partners to transform operational performance; a case study
Networking Coffee Break
Panel Discussion: Operational Due Diligence… new trends and challenges
  • How is the ODD process evolving in line with technology innovation?
  • What new tactics are COOs deploying to improve ODD?
  • Implementing best practices in response to rising LP expectations
  • What are the current challenges facing COOs in this highly valued, late stage market cycle?
Fireside Chat:
  • The changing face of risk management: A COO’s perspective
Networking Lunch
Panel Discussion: The power of the operating partner model
  • How are GPs developing their operating partner model to drive performance?
  • What metrics are COOs using to measure the impact of operating partners on company performance?
  • A forward-looking approach: using operating partners who can bring greater forecasting capabilities, digital transformation capabilities, to the overall portfolio
Keynote Presentation:
  • Case study – COO insights on European/UK technology investing
Fireside Chat:
  • Topic TBC
Panel Discussion: Operational Impact
  • How are GPs using ESG considerations to affect change in their operating companies?
  • What do success factors look like to an impact investor, at the E, S and G level? A case study discussion
  • Assessing how technology disruption, operating partner expertise and investment themes (clean tech, e-vehicles, changing demographics, agritech/food production) are influencing ESG
  • Changing LP expectations – how are GPs responding to demands for greater transparency and better knowledge transfer as investors increase their focus on ESG investing?   
Networking Drinks Reception
Event Concludes