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The GIIN launches IRIS+ impact investment measurement system

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has launched IRIS+, a new system for impact investors to measure, manage and optimise their impact. IRIS+ reduces confusion, increases comparability, and makes it easier to communicate impact results.

With the industry’s rapid growth and increased calls for precise tools, investors are eager for streamlined practical guidance on how to measure and manage their impact. IRIS+ gives investors an easy-to-use system, including sets of core metrics around certain key themes such as clean energy access, financial inclusion, health, and affordable housing.
Utilising IRIS+, investors can identify evidence-based metrics that will be most relevant to their strategies and desired goals. IRIS+ enables clear and comparable data, and takes the guesswork out of impact management.
“The challenges the world is facing are too urgent for impact capital to underperform,” says Amit Bouri (pictured), Chief Executive Office of the GIIN. “IRIS+ provides a way for investors to translate impact intentions into real impact results. This is a huge leap forward for the industry, and it will drive even greater impact performance.”

“Those familiar with the IRIS catalogue of metrics will find IRIS+ more comprehensive and straightforward to use, with expanded coverage and functionality,” adds Kelly McCarthy, Director of IRIS+ and Impact Measurement and Management. “For those who are new to the platform, IRIS+ provides a reliable starting point to enter the impact measurement and management space.”

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