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Good Returns Group secures USD1m funding from Inverdale Capital Management

Good Returns Group has secured USD1 million of funding from Inverdale Capital Management, an asset management firm focused on alternative investments.

The capital will enable Good Returns to serve the needs of its larger clients and strategically grow its impact programs.
This backing from one of Dallas’ leading asset managers highlights the significant potential of Good Returns’ approach to funding the growth of “impact organizations,” organizations that address social challenges using financially and operationally sustainable models. It also demonstrates a higher level of engagement from North Texas individual and institutional investors in the impact investment movement.
“Good Returns’ vision aligns with our aim to elevate the role that capital can play in helping the world become a better place,” says Ryan Small, Inverdale’s Managing Partner. “Good Returns is creating new channels for corporate philanthropy through its innovative model, and we’re excited to partner with them to equip socially-conscious companies with the tools they need to make a difference without cutting into profits.”
Good Returns’ revolutionary Cycle program enables companies to meaningfully participate in supporting the growth of solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges. Through Good Returns, a participating company provides capital in the form of a one-year interest-free loan, or “cycle.” Good Returns insures and deploys the funds to vetted impact organisations that have proven they are ready to scale their current sustainable models. Good Returns helps cycling companies create and share powerful stories of this impact, further raising awareness of the impact organisations’ work. The guaranteed loan is repaid a year later, at which point companies may choose to engage in another cycle.
“Companies want to do more good, but they have a responsibility to shareholders,” says Kyle Lukianuk, President of Good Returns’ cycling program. “Our combination of capital investments and storytelling generates value for all participants in the model and allows us to access previously untapped resources to help build a better world.”
Good Returns selects both local and global impact organisations that address issues identified by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as extreme poverty, water access and education.
Good Returns Group co-founder Salah Boukadoum, says: “Observant investors like Inverdale are serious about Dallas-Fort Worth’s potential to be an impact leader. We are home to many great organisations that are both creating new value and have the potential to play a significant role in solving the most pressing challenges of our time.”
The partnership with Inverdale will also enable Good Returns to develop additional relationships with interested foundations and guarantors, as well as expand its presence in the humanitarian storytelling community.

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