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Our premium research reports deliver actionable insight on the latest trends in the private equity industry. Each month, Private Equity’s analysts explore a new theme using interviews with subject matter experts, data from key sources, and surveys of market participants.

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Keeping calm: The resilience of UK private equity

April 2023 | This report presents the views of 35 private equity professionals – more than 40% of whom are UK fund managers, 15% European-based, and 30% from the US – on dealmaking, exits and venture capital, based on a survey carried out by Private Equity Wire during February 2023. The results were discussed with a range of named and unnamed private equity sources, primarily based or working in UK private equity, during March 2023.


Beyond China: How private equity is pivoting in Asia

March 2023 | This report presents the views of over 60 private equity professionals – more than 95% of whom are fund managers – on private equity fundraising and investment in Asia, ex-Australasia, based on a survey carried out by Private Equity Wire during January 2023, and discussed with a range of named and unnamed private equity sources, primarily based or working in Asian private equity, during February 2023…

Mind the gap: Private equity prepares for valuation reset

February 2023 | As valuation multiples cool, private equity managers are holding on tight to traditional value levers in their portfolio companies. This report looks at how bid-ask spreads are adjusting across the M&A market this year, and examines the reality for fund valuations at end-2022 and Q1 2023…


Global Outlook 2023

January 2023 | This report provides an outlook on the private equity market in 2023 and how it is shaping up following one of the most volatile years for the asset class in living memory. We asked a group of well-known industry leaders to provide their view on the market that awaits in the coming year…

Investor interest: Private equity’s fundraising squeeze

December 2022 | Following macro and liquidity concerns during 2022, what are the investment priorities for institutional private equity investors globally? This report looks at why investors are most positive on long-term allocations but fundraising looks tight next year, and how fund managers are unlocking new investors in the Middle East and private wealth, and the challenges in both segments.


Credit due: How buyout funds are bypassing a tighter bank market

November 2022 | With overstretched syndicating banks limiting the amount of debt that is available to buyout sponsors, and the cost of debt rising, this Insight Report examines how deal volumes will be affected by new borrowing conditions, and the new financing levers and forms of leverage available to sponsors. How is fundraising matching deployment, and what might this asset class look like in 2023?


Spinning out: Star managers shake up first-time fundraising

October 2022 | First-time private equity funds have become fewer but – in many cases – much larger. This report looks at how the rules of the fundraising game are changing for spin-out managers. LPs often avoid taking a risk on new managers in a tougher market. Can they still be convinced by a niche or differentiated strategy, and will it outperform?


Silicon Valley blues: How VCs are adapting to a down market

September 2022 | Late-stage VC has been hit hardest by a reset in valuations, with the number of high-profile examples growing through 2022. This report examines what the trend means for other stages and sectors of the VC lifecycle in the second half of 2022, as well as where the next opportunities lie for VC funds.


H1 Update: Private equity faces bear market

August 2022 | The first-ever Private Equity Wire Performance Insight Report, looking back on a challenging first half of 2022. In the year through June, private equity benchmark returns began a descent from their post-pandemic high, global dealmaking plummeted compared to 2021, and the IPO market ground to the slowest pace in several years.


The Great Reboot: Why private equity is finally turning to technology

July 2022 | After 30 years’ relying on Excel spreadsheets and human insight, PE fund managers are finally embracing tech and data to drive value in their investments. AI-powered tools, algorithms and prediction models are supplementing more traditional data collection to provide estimates for financial health and revenue growth at target and portfolio companies.


Clear Intent: Private equity’s new regulatory landscape awaits

June 2022 | Private equity is about to get less private. Since the financial crisis, regulation has increased in the industry but not by much. In 2011, US financial regulator the SEC acknowledged that many private equity funds remained outside of the Commission’s regulatory oversight even though they managed large sums of money for hundreds of investors.


Pricing Power: How infrastructure funds are taking on inflation

May 2022 | In early 2022, I Squared Capital, KKR and Stonepeak closed infrastructure funds at almost double the size of predecessor vehicles. After the Covid-19 shock, the asset class has proved its resilience – now, investors want to use it for inflation protection too. Digital infrastructure and renewable energy will prove the case as PE interest accelerates


Holding On: How volatility will drive GP-led secondaries in 2022

April 2022 | Since the pandemic, when managers turned to the secondary market for liquidity, the GP-led segment has tripled in value to $60bn last year. Now, a more difficult exit environment in 2022 is driving many to safehouse their most prized assets in continuation funds. As the middle-market opens up, exponential growth in transaction volume is expected to follow


Creating Values: Behind the ESG revolution in private equity 

March 2022 | ESG reporting and risk assessment has been awash with competing standards and third-party providers but GPs and LPs in the private equity industry are slowing aligning on a set of agreed metrics. Value creation and bespoke investment strategies are also fuelling deeper analysis of asset data within larger private equity houses


Future flows: The next generation of private equity LPs

February 2022 | With private equity returns reaching near record highs in the past two years, LPs have been increasing their allocation to alternatives and say they will continue to do so in 2022. However, in one of the most congested fundraising environments on record, the fastest returning managers have the upper hand despite new sources of allocations emerging


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