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Investor Interest Insight Report Dec 2022

Investor interest: Private equity’s fundraising squeeze

Investor interest: Private equity’s fundraising squeeze

Following macro and liquidity concerns during 2022, what are the investment priorities for institutional private equity investors globally? This Private Equity Wire Insight Report looks at why investors are most positive on long-term allocations, but fundraising looks tight next year, and how fund managers are unlocking new investors in the Middle East and in private wealth, and the challenges in both segments.
The ‘Investor interest: Private equity’s fundraising squeeze’ special report comprises zero separate articles listed below, these can be read individually or as a sequence.
Private equity remains the most popular asset class for investors in our survey but – facing pressure from the denominator effect and lower distributions – their fund commitments this year will be hotly contested.
Healthcare and technology have not gone out of fashion for institutional investors, but these investors are looking to a small number of managers to deploy their capital, and ones that are crisis-hardened too…
Sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East are flush with cash and less stretched than pension funds in Europe or the US. Their allocations are flowing to private equity, but they won’t be captured by all…
Brand name managers have been expanding into private wealth to reach under-allocated investors. Now they are finding ways to ensure these investors stick with them for the long-term…

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