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MegaZebra advances to next level with its Social Games

Munich-based MegaZebra has secured a multi-million Euro amount in its latest round of financing led by Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms. Kizoo Technology Ventures, which provided the previous funding round, also participated, alongside private investor Markus Stolz.

Founded in 2008 and originally operating on a number of social networks, MegaZebra moved to focus only on Facebook throughout 2010. Its games are amongst the most popular in their respective category, such as highly popular Mahjong Trails (pictured).  

Since launch, MegaZebra has put great emphasis on high-quality game play, true virality, and international games.

With the investment, MegaZebra will further fuel its growth, including hiring more talent and continuing to bring out high-quality social games. Sitar Teli from Doughty Hanson will also join the Board of MegaZebra, together with Matthias Hornberger of Kizoo.  

Sitar Teli of Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures says: “MegaZebra has the fundamental attribute we look for in early-stage companies: a well-rounded and ambitious founding team that focuses on creating a superb user-experience and high-quality products. They’ve already proven they can build games people love to play and with this funding, the company will be able to build on its current foundation and accelerate growth.”        

Matthias Hornberger of early stage investor Kizoo Technology Ventures adds: “We love the straight forward business model of social gaming and are thrilled to help MegaZebra launch the next stage of the rocket. The team has been outstanding in executing its ambitious game plan and well deserves our continued support”, .

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