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Miles Capital expands Alternative Markets Solutions offering

Miles Capita has expanded its Alternative Markets Solutions (AMS) services providing a holistic and accessible platform to help insurers allocate to alternative asset classes and strategies.

Miles Capital provides guidance, due diligence, objectives-based asset allocation, industry access, compliance, and practical delivery of alternative assets through a flexible approach. Miles Capital has provided this service to current clients but will now broaden the scope to allow insurers nationwide to take advantage of AMS benefits.

“We are excited to bring AMS to the broader market,” says Gregory Boal, CEO and CIO of Miles Capital. “This is a genuinely different approach to offering alternative investments to the insurance industry. Insurers see the need for, and value of alternative assets. However, they have unique needs, distinct from nonprofits, pensions, and other institutions. Most alternative providers simply don’t have the background necessary to help insurers understand how best to manage an alternatives portfolio. We view this as a critical market need; expertise in the asset classes must be paired with expertise in insurance to make the allocation decisions relevant and value added.”
Steve S Stotts, former VP, Head of External Managers for Aviva Investors North America, has been tapped to head the AMS group for Miles Capital. Stotts has been in the insurance industry for 24 years, and has managed alternative asset portfolios for 15 years.
“I came to Miles Capital because I recognised the Alternative Markets Solutions service is a game changer,” says Stotts. “This is a need that has gone unmet across the industry because many insurers don’t have the staff to perform due diligence and allocate in-house or the large asset base required to access a diversified alternatives portfolio. With AMS, we can provide insurers the access and the guidance, and tailor portfolios to help directly meet their needs.”
“We believe this is a true case of one plus one equaling three for our clients,” says Boal. “Small to medium sized insurers have never had an effective delivery mechanism to address the many barriers in the alternatives marketplace. AMS provides an accessible platform, addresses how asset classes fit in terms of overall business objectives, breaks down barriers, and enables entrée for these insurance companies.”
The AMS service combines asset class and insurance industry expertise, helping clients leverage Miles Capital’s skills and focus to address the nontraditional asset class universe.

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