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Muzinich & Co open Manchester office

Corporate credit specialist Muzinich & Co has opened an office in Manchester. The office is located in the Pinnacle building on King Street in central Manchester.

The primary purpose of the office is to house a specialist private debt team that will focus on providing growth capital to mid-sized firms located in the UK’s industrial heartland.

Managing Director of Marketing Josh Hughes says: “Over 50 per cent of private debt lending opportunities come from outside of the South East. The North West is a vitally important economic hub offering growth opportunities, which we believe will allow us to generate attractive investment returns.

“We are delighted to have a team at the heart of that hub, meeting people face to face, building relationships and discussing investment ideas.

“Our new office also gives us a local home from which we can better support our investors in publicly traded corporate credit.”

Muzinich’s Head of Private Debt UK North, Marc Shirman, who grew up and studied in Manchester, says: “Since the crisis of 2008/9 good firms have found it harder to raise capital from traditional banking sources. This has created an opportunity for corporate credit specialists like Muzinich to step in.

“Muzinich is developing a reputation across Europe for its private debt expertise. We are bottom-up investors who really get to know the companies in which we invest and that helps us structure deals appropriately.

“Private debt is an asset class that’s attracting growing interest from institutional investors. It helps channel longer-term funding to middle-market companies that collectively are at the heart of economic prosperity.”

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