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New PE firm Plus2 Capital closes debut fund

New private equity firm Plus2 Capital has held the closing of its first fund. The firm’s founding partners, Nathaniel Broughton and Brandon Laughridge, recently formed Plus2 after completing multiple acquisitions in Southern California in partnership with Succession Capital, a division of Lynx Equity Limited.

“Plus2 Capital is our opportunity to combine our background as tech entrepreneurs with the experience we gained doing transactions for Succession,” says Broughton, who has offices in La Jolla.

The firm will focus on acquiring companies with USD4-USD30 million in revenue and USD1-USD3 million in cash flow EBITDA, which can benefit from an injection of online marketing and custom technology. The partners’ previous experience includes founding and exiting four web-based companies, including Spread Effect and, a nationwide insurance agency.
Broughton also served as CMO of Veterans United, a large mortgage bank that completed nearly USD5 billion in loan financings in 2014.

“Our acquisitions will have to be a good fit for our story as young, tech entrepreneurs. But there are plenty of ‘boring’ businesses that have a good base and could take off with the right marketing and capital,” Broughton says.

Plus2 will invest in companies in industries including business services, real estate, financial services, wholesale distribution, and software.

Laughridge recently relocated to Kansas City to give the partners a broader geographic footprint spanning the Western US and Midwest.

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